About Synapsium

Synapsium is an annual neuroscience symposium hosted by Dondrite, the student association of the MSc Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University Nijmegen. Organized by and for students, we take pride in connecting the latest generations of researchers as we give them a platform to present their own research, invite them to stimulating presentations and workshops, and motivate cross-institutional exchange. Next to this, there will be a keynote presentation of an established researcher and a panel discussion to discuss the latest topics in Cognitive Neuroscience together!

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Committee members

Listed below are the current comittee members. Synapsium is organised every year by enthousiastic and passionate Dondrite members who want to do a little something extra.  Do you want to know more about who is who and what that person does? You can hover over every members’ picture to learn their name and task within the comittee!



Hi! I am Andreas and I am currently in my second year of the master Cognitive Neuroscience, on the Natural Computing & Neurotechnology track. I am fascinated by computational neuroscience and brain-computer interfacing. Besides my studies, I really enjoy running and reading books. I am really excited to be organising the Synapsium this year and hope to see you there!



Hi! I am Lydia, a second year Cognitive Neuroscience Msc student (Perception, Action and Decision-Making track). I am interested in a wide variety of areas. Examples are social neuroscience, perception, sensorimotor control, language acquisition, neurodevelopmental disorders and topics in philosophy of mind and science. Aside from my studies, I enjoy poledancing, travelling and eating sushi. I’m excited to join this year’s Synapsium committee to organise a great event!



Hi, I’m Kevin, a first-year cognitive neuroscience student in the Perception, Action and Decision-making track. I’m mostly fascinated by human curiosity and motivation for action and learning. In my free time I love finding out new things by reading books and watching videos and have the occasional change in hobby every now and then. Hope to see you at Synapsium this April!


External Public Relations (PR)

Hi! I’m Kiara, a first-year student in the master’s program in Cognitive Neuroscience, and I am a part of the Development and Lifelong Plasticity track. My main interest is cognition in relation to psychedelics. I’m fascinated by the biology of it all. Beyond my committee and study duties, you’ll often find me with my nose buried in a book. Reading is one of my many hobbies alongside traveling and going out with friends. I’m excited to be a part of Synapsium this year and I hope to see you during this new edition!


Internal & External PR

Hey everyone! I’m Beatrice, a first year CNS Masters student in the Language and Communication track. Specifically, I’m interested in language acquisition and multilingualism.
I’m from Italy, but I have been in the Netherlands for three years. Next to my studies, I enjoy going to the gym, cooking, and I like travelling whenever I have time. I am really excited about Synapsium 2024, so hopefully I’ll see you there! 🙂


Program Director

Hi! I’m Lucía, a first-year student in the master’s program in Cognitive Neuroscience, specialising in the Development and Lifelong Plasticity track. I am interested in memory, stress and how our lifestyle can affect our brain, such as nutrition. Besides my studies, I love doing sports and travelling. I am really excited to be part of Synapsium this year and hope to see you there!


Program Director

Hi! I’m Kelly, a first-year master’s student in Cognitive Neuroscience (specializing in Natural Computing & Neurotechnology) and Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Computing. I’m fascinated by how AI can be used to uncover the neurobiological mechanisms of brain disorders. Beyond my studies, I enjoy various hobbies like gaming, cooking, baking, yoga, and building miniatures. Looking forward to meeting you at Synapsium this year!


Program Director & Logistics

My name is Mariela and I am part of the Development and Lifelong Plasticity track in the Cognitive Neuroscience Master’s programme. I am particularly interested in neuro-immuno-endocrine interaction, science communication and public health. My favorite hobbies are dancing, yoga, and coloring. I am looking forward to meeting you in this new edition of Synapsium!


Program Director

Hi! My name is Cathelijne and I am a first years Cognitive Neuroscience student, in the Development & Lifelong Plasticity track. My main field of interest is feminist neuroscience. Besides my studies, I am very passionate about salsa and bachata dancing. I am really excited to be part of the Synapsium committee this year and I look forward to organizing an inspiring day for you!


Public Relations

Hi! I am Caroline, a first-year Cognitive Neuroscience master’s student, specialising in the Perception, Action and Decision-Making track. I’m fascinated by social neuroscience and human decision-making. In my free time, I love solo travelling and dancing. I’m excited to join Synapsium this year and hope to see you in April!