The Elusive – Synapsium 2024

20th April

The new theme for the 2024 Synapsium Symposium has been announced. On the 20th of April we will all go down into the ELUSIVE – A journey into the brain’s unspoken themes. Topics not regularly discussed will include psychedelics, animal cognition and meta-science. But more common themes like human and machine consciousness will also be included in our voyage into the untapped realms of the brain!


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At its 12th edition, Synapsium is an annual neuroscience symposium hosted by Dondrite, the student association of the MSc Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University Nijmegen. Organized by and for students, we take pride in connecting the latest generations of researchers as we give them a platform to present their own research, invite them to stimulating presentations and workshops, and motivate cross-institutional exchange. Next to this, there will be a keynote presentation of an established researcher and a panel discussion to discuss the latest topics in Cognitive Neuroscience together!

We have fond memories of an amazing day at Synapsium 2023 and want to thank everyone who joined for being there! The main topic Neuroscience in the Wild brought us exciting keynote speakers, workshops, and more. Feeling nostalgic? Find the Synapsium 2023 page here.

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