Opening Keynote Speaker Announcement

Reflections on mindfulness: Elusive mechanisms and community experiences

We are excited to announce that this year’s Opening Keynote Talk will be delivered by Dr. Russell Chan.

Curious about the topic? Dr. Chan explains: “Mindfulness popularity has grown greatly over the years, and those who practice often extol its many benefits across mental and physical health. The quality of scientific evidence has improved significantly due to improved tools and accessibility to unveil key neuro-mechanisms. What then are the new frontiers for mindfulness science? Is the field already saturated or is there potential for more growth? In this talk, I will briefly outline the past, current and future work of mindfulness science combined with my research line and contributions to this field. I will also outline the considerations required for good quality experimentation and share my varied experiences in the delivery of collaborative community programs. This talk will take you on a journey from the lab, to the people and back again, giving you opportunity to explore your role in this fascinating field of science.”

Dr. Russell Chan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente, working in the area of cognitive-motor neuroscience. He is fascinated with the mind and its potential for cognitive improvement and enhancement of our everyday lives. Using different neuroimaging techniques, he investigates how meditation techniques affect our health, well-being and performance. He was previously a yoga and meditation teacher and the director of, a website dedicated to sharing his knowledge and research on topics about meditation, consciousness, cognition and movement.