About Synapsium

Synapsium is an annual neuroscience symposium hosted by Dondrite, the student association of the MSc Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University Nijmegen. Organized by and for students, we take pride in connecting the latest generations of researchers as we give them a platform to present their own research, invite them to stimulating presentations and workshops, and motivate cross-institutional exchange. Next to this, there will be a keynote presentation of an established researcher and a panel discussion to discuss the latest topics in Cognitive Neuroscience together!

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Committee members

Listed below are the current comittee members. Synapsium is organised every year by enthousiastic and passionate Dondrite members who want to do a little something extra.  Do you want to know more about who is who and what that person does? You can hover over every members’ picture to learn their name and task within the comittee!



Hello! I am Mathilde, a second year Cognitive Neuroscience MSc student on the Perception, Action and Decision-Making track. I am particularly interested in sensorimotor neuroscience. Apart from studying the brain and behaviour, I like to do creative activities such as cooking, baking and knitting. I’m really excited to organise this year’s Synapsium!



Hey! I am Loes, a sixth-year student here at Radboud University, but also a second  year again now in the third track of Cognitive Neuroscience.



Hi everyone! I’m Carol and I’m a second year Cognitive Neuroscience student in the language and communication track. I’m passionate about studying the neural underpinning of language and its interaction with the memory domain. Apart from research, I spend most of my time in ballet studios, museums and theaters. I’m very excited to organize this year’s Synapsium!


Public Relations

Heyhey, I am Luise and in my first year of the CNS master. I am mainly interested in research topics at the intersection of cognitive science and linguistics, primarily in the area of multilingual language acquisition, processing, and language education. In my free time, I like to travel, organise projects for actors of the German-French civil society or play football. I can’t wait to see you all at our 2023 symposium!


Public Relations

Hi! I am Andreas and I am currently in my first year of the master Cognitive Neuroscience, on the Natural Computing & Neurotechnology track. I am fascinated by neurotechnology such as brain-computer interfaces. Besides my studies, I really enjoy running and reading books. I am really excited to be organising the Synapsium this year and hope to see you there!


Program Manager

Hi! I am Anqi, a second-year Master’s student in the Cognitive Neuroscience program. I’m passionate about conducting neuroscience research in naturalistic contexts to reveal the interaction between language, perception, and emotion. In my free time I enjoy doing yoga, reading/writing poetry, and perfecting my lucid dreaming skills. I’m happy to be an organizer for this year’s Synapsium – hope to see you soon! 


Program Manager

Hi! I am Lydia, a first year Cognitive Neuroscience Msc student (Perception, Action and Decision-Making track) and third year Philosophy bachelor student. I am interested in a wide variety of areas. Examples are social neuroscience, perception, sensorimotor control, language acquisition, neurodevelopmental disorders and topics in philosophy of mind and science. Aside from my studies, I enjoy poledancing, travelling and eating sushi. I’m excited to join this year’s Synapsium committee to organise a great event!


Program Manager

Hi everyone! I’m Jule and I’m a first-year master’s student in the language and communication track of the Cognitive Neuroscience program. I am mainly interested in language acquisition and possible overlaps between language and music. Next to my studies, I enjoy playing tennis, running, and swimming, and I also play the flute in a student orchestra. I am looking forward to organising this year’s Synapsium and hope to see you there!


Program Manager

Hi everyone! I am Tammy, and I am currently in my second year of CNS master, specialising in development and plasticity track. I am interested in investigating how memory and curiosity aid people’s learning in general. In my free time, I sometimes play the violin and I like to write diaries about my random thoughts. I am very happy to organise the Synapsium this year together with a group of wonderful people! Looking forward to seeing you in the Synapsium of this year!


Dondrite Board Representative

Hi! I am Jessica, a second year Cognitive Neuroscience Master student. I am interested in how people communicate through language(s) and beyond, and how they are processed in the brain. Outside of academics, I consider myself an avid traveler, theater/art-goer, and sports fan. Looking forward to seeing y’all at the Synapsium!