Theme Reveal

Synapsium is going WILD!

As junior scientists, we are used to conducting research in an “ideal” setting with a meticulously selected sample and standardised tests. We study our independent variables in the lab, teasing it out from all confounding factors even though they might not be fully dissociable in real world. We learn to convince our reader of the societal relevance in the introduction and defend our results and their impact on the world in the discussion, despite all the caveats we might have written about in translating lab-based experiments to real world applications. We exhilarate over new scientific findings, regardless of whether they are reachable to the public that the findings are concerned.

Lab-based research has contributed to important breakthroughs in neuroscience research. However, in cognitive neuroscience we often study complex organisms in complex environments that cannot be reduced to simplified processes or scenarios. And the exciting discoveries in cognitive neuroscience concern the general audience in many different ways. Therefore, isn’t it time that neuroscience also moves outside of the lab, and into the wild? 

We are very excited to announce that the theme of this year’s Synapsium conference is:

“Neuroscience in the Wild”

So what do we mean by Neuroscience in the Wild? The answer is many things. Expect to discuss how we conduct ecologically valid research and draw conclusions from results. Expect to reflect on the real-world relevance and applications of neuroscience research. Expect to explore how academia can involve the general public more in the scientific process. Synapsium 2023 will include inspiring talks, interesting poster presentations, workshops, and more, all related to the topic of Neuroscience in the Wild in ways beyond your imagination. If you want to contribute to this exciting symposium, please look out for our call for submissions for student poster presentations and talks. For now, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all exciting developments surrounding Synapsium 2023.

Most importantly, make sure to save the date on Saturday April 22nd, 2023, Radboud University Campus (Elinor-Ostrom Building) for a day that inspires you to make research go wild!

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